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Ample free parking for Merivale Mall customers is available between Office Road and Aikmans Road. Please note the varying parking time limits – ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours. If a parking space is unmarked, the maximum time limit is 2 hours.

Enjoy bike friendly convenience at Merivale Mall with 50 strategically placed bike stands, offering cyclists easy access at multiple entrances.

Accessibility or disabled parking is available at the North entrance (outside Savoire Café), and West entrance of the mall. For all accessibility questions, view our Accessibility page.


You’ll love the convenient location: just a short 5 minute drive from the centre of Christchurch. Travel up Victoria Street, then across Bealey Avenue to Papanui Road. Turn down Office Road or Aikmans Road, to park behind the mall (free parking).

Download printable Christchurch City Map.pdf (129K).


Taxi Freephone

Merivale Mall’s preferred taxi company has a freephone number. Call from the direct hotline on the Ground floor, at the West entrance to the mall (main entrance from the carpark). When you’re ready to leave, simply dial the number at no charge, for prompt pick-up.

Metro Public Transport

Travelling by the Metro system is quick, easy and inexpensive. A Metro bus travels past Merivale Mall (on Papanui Road) approximately every 10 minutes.For a $2.50 cash fare, an adult can travel between the city centre and any destination in the North or South of the city. Cash fares are purchased from the driver as you board the bus.

From the city centre, board any of these bus services departing from Platform E, at the Bus Interchange on Colombo Street: 10 Harewood, 11 Styx Mill, 12 Northwood, 13 Redwood.

For more information about bus timetables and unlimited travel using a Metrocard visit

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